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Private Sessions

       Each session is unique and individualized to your specific needs.  All work with clients is done with love, compassion, and Divine Guidance.

       Individual sessions can be done in person or through distance healing by phone or skype.  Whether you are a child, senior, or somewhere in-between, people from all walks of life can benefit from this experience.

       ThetaHealing® is conversation-based session that is gentle, safe, and relaxing. During the conversation, negative beliefs and patterns are identified, muscle-tested, and released to Creator of All That Is/God. By releasing these negative beliefs from the body, the individual receives an uplifting belief pattern that will serve for their Highest Good. This is often accompanied with relief, relaxation, and elimination of physical and/or emotional “dis-ease”.

       The practitioner acts as a facilitator and witness to your inner healing. God is the Healer.

       The NFSH-The Healing Trusts is a Spiritual Energy Healing session where clients share their concerns on any or all the following levels: physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. The practitioner acts as a vessel for the flow of energy to the client; thus, dealing with the “dis-ease” at its deepest level and allowing the body’s natural ability to self-heal. The Healer works with their hands a short distance from the body, or with a light touch (client preference), enabling the client to release, relax, and revitalize.

       (During both sessions, clients remain fully clothed and are encouraged to dress comfortably.)

       A session usually includes both healing modalities, but a client may choose one.