Passionate About Empowering Others

       I am Rev. Valerie Johnston. My passion is in assisting people on their life journey.  I do this by helping others discover who they truly are, their uniqueness, inner beauty, and talents while  working with clients to remove blockages or beliefs holding them  back.

I have experienced first hand the amazing power of the healing methods I can now share.

At one time, I suffered from severe fibromyalgia and a brain injury, which turned my life upside down to the point that I barely recognized my world or myself.  These health challanges inspired me to find healing methods that encompassed addressing  the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects of oneself. 


Through this process, I realized  a way to be in service to others by equipping them with the support, self enpowerment, and tools needed to design the life/health they wish to live.  I do this through my work as a practitioner and instructor in ThetaHealing®Technique and  as practitioner and certified Member of the NFSH-The Healing Trust. 

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  • Ordained Minister

  • THInK - ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge certificates - Practitioner and Instructor

    • Basic DNA

    • Advaced DNA

    • Dig Deeper

  • The Healing Trust certificates - 1-4 

    • The Healing Trust Member Certification (2 year Program)